Introducing Mamas Corner

Introducing Mamas Corner

Good morning Mamas,

I'm currently at work, sipping on my tea, reflecting; and I thought, now is a good a time as any to start my blog. When I created BALOU, I was a new Mother; not in the best place mentally, like a lot of us i'm sure at one point or another. 

Life hits us all with challenges, and this part of my life was certainly a challenging one. I distinctly remember one day I was having one of my low days, in a bit of a rut, whilst also worrying about whether I was good enough for my new baby girl.

But my daughter looking at me, smiling at me, sleeping on me, could literally make me forget those worries and feel so complete...until the next anxious thought!

This happened, and I had a sudden rush to grab my laptop out and I started brainstorming and noting down ideas surrounding what makes me truly happy.

Shortly after, I created BALOU, which was totally inspired by my child. This brand was made for her, a brand she could be proud of, a brand that would hopefully aid in me being the best Mum I could be, a brand that would represent the both of us, a brand with a voice, that champions all Mum's across all family setups. No matter how 'together' or not they have it.

Along with the beautiful 'Me&You' products we offer, I wanted to provide a space where we can talk about Motherhood, the highs, the lows, the love, the realness; and hopefully exchange tips along the way.

So welcome!  We'll have some lighthearted, serious and sometimes silly content and discussions, so grab your tea and join us in our Mamas Corner!

Speak Soon!

Mama B

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