Which Mum Are You?

Which Mum Are You?

Which Mum are you? Are you a mix of more than one? Or does this list not apply to you at all and are you something completely different? Whichever or whatever type of Mum you are; remember to credit yourself! Do what you need to do in the way that works for you!

The On-the-Go Chic Mum? A throw it on, loose comfy wearing, Mum chic type who is always out and about running errands when the kids are at school. The cool and fun Mum whose kids see her as their best friend in the whole world.

The Corporate Mum? An always smart looking, diary keeping, work busy Mum who can't wait to get home for cuddles. The powerful looking, independent mum whose kids aspire to be like.

The Cozy Homemaker Mum? A homey, loungewear wearing carer of the home, as well as the kids. The nurturing and all supportive Mum whose kids feel safest when she's around.

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Mama B

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